That’s the Mediterranean You See

Rosh Hanikra, sign at shoreline (Mediterranean Sea), photographed by Jeff Zablow in Israel

Hebrew, Arabic and English all warn that this shoreline and surrounding are closed military areas. Folks in the United States never get to see such warnings. Our neighbors, Mexico and Canada are at peace with us. Israel’s neighbors, including Lebanon, the Gaza strip and many thousands of terrorists nearby dream of slipping into this and many other stretches of Meditteranean shore in  Israel to do really horrendous things. Think about the latest that they did in Paris.

I was working the strip along the shore, seeking butterflies to photograph. I found many and relished the experience. In the back of my mind was the irony of this scene. Total beauty, amazing botany and butterflies, blue waters of the Sea, and just several hundred yards from Israel’s northwestern border with Lebanon. Rosh Hanikra, Israel, 24/7 surveillance, watching this very same spot, for dinghies, kayaks, rubber boats, submergibles, frogmen and . . . .

If G-d forbid any of these appeared, this spot would be . . .  And they know it.

Jeff . . . mixing butterflies, rare orchids, and the reality of current affairs.

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