Add More Blue . . .

Our last share was a blue butterfly 7,000 miles away, in the northernmost foothills of Israel. That serene winged beauty was less than a mile from the nearest terrorist outpost of Hezbollah. Only barbed wire, mine fields and a daunting Israeli resolve insure that Jeff and the common blue butterfly enjoyed that morning together.

Back here in the States, this Eastern Tailed Blue flies in terrorist free habitat, Thank G-d, in the verdant Jamestown Audubon Center’s sizable meadow. As I jockeyed for a good vantage point, and went down on my left knee pad, I was pleased to see that he was handsomely colored. A shmeksy butterfly, in an Audubon green meadow in western New York, photographed merrily by a Brooklyn native who always saw beyond the asphalt, concrete and brick.

Aren’t those reddish-orange spots neat?

U.S. blues, 4 hours north of home Pittsburgh, amidst so much that I enjoyed . . . .


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