Thoughts Upon Finding Them . . .

Pink Lady's Slipper Orchid, photographed by Jeff Zablow in Chapman State Park, PA

The objective? Find Pink Lady’s Slipper ( Cypripedium Acaule). Well here are 2 blooms at Jake’s Rocks Reserve, in northwestern Pennsylvania. June 2015.

I love these extraordinary flowers. Despite a nice library of their images, every few years I’m out, searching for more.

When these came into view, thoughts raced: Can these be real? How stately (a word little used nowadays). How do these delicate blossoms go unscathed, in this wild habitat? Cartier, are you and Tiffany’s and Van Clef & Arpels capable of such finery? and How delicate and beautiful are Your creations.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts Upon Finding Them . . .

  1. I am mezmerized! I can’t stop looking at these delicate stalwarts! I must have them to plant around my Fairy gardens! I shall begin my quest to find them (I suspect this may be a difficult task, but I will begin with mail order nurseries in PA!) and get many in the ground!! I learn so much from you! Carry on, Mr. Zablow!


    • Thanks Joanne. I’m told that they are notoriously difficult to transplant, due in part to their specific soil and habitat preferences. In the wild, their habitat has been spectacularly reduced. But don’t they remind us of how precious our remaining habitat is?


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