Purple Clover in the HolyLand

Purple clover, photographed by Jeff Zablow on Qedesh trail, Israel

Bet you’re like me, meaning you presume that Israel has some wildflowers, but not that many. Rocks and hills, you know; but not much else. Each time I travel there, What? New this, new that. New butterflies, new wildflowers. Then you travel again the next year, not June, but this time March. OMG! All over again, new butterflies, new wildflowers.

The wildflower in the foreground is the flower head of Purple Clover (Trifolium Purpureum). It was so pert, so richly colored, and so very intricate in pattern and design. Had to stop and shoot, shoot, shoot. This trail in northernmost Upper Galilee region bore March’s huge bounty of wildflowers, a hint of which shines in the background of this image.

Flowers from March to May, and it is difficult to pass without the requisite stop and stare. My, my, you are beautiful this morning . . . as the other wildflowers respectfully await their turn for attention.


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