An All American Butterfly

White M Hairstreak butterfly, photographed by Jeff Zablow in Raccoon Creek State Park, PA

Today is 9/11. I remember who told me it happened, I remember where I was when he told me, I remember the look on John’s face, all the blood had drained from him, forehead to chin. I remember how I could not believe it, even though I saw it on the tiny little TV on his desk.

I remember always how my father, gone this past May 16, 2015, told me that he and his WWII buddies made sure that we never have such a war again. When I served in the 2nd How 287th Arty, I would sometimes remember what he told me. Those 155 mm howitzers (towed) were beasts, and they made me think alot.

Well this all-American hairstreak butterfly, the White-M hairstreak happens to fly at this time. You may not notice it because it is kind of rare now, but this tiny beauty sports – Red, White and Blue.


3 thoughts on “An All American Butterfly

  1. Definitely USA’s patriotic butterfly and symbolic for you. Life brings us surprises that sometimes are destructive and sad to our lives. But, beauty still remains when one opens their eyes rather than forever hanging on with a closed mind.

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  2. I remember it as if it were yesterday. The hysterical call from a close friend who lives near Harrisburg , “Turn on your TV RIGHT NOW” I flipped it on just as the second plane hit. The disbelief and horror of what I was seeing. The fear for my family that lived in rural Somerset County, where United Airlines Flight 93 crashed down in a field. The hours of anxiety until I was able to contact them by phone and find out they were all ok. Those feelings and images are frozen in my memory as an epic moment when life as we know it here in the US was forever altered.

    That was the day that I realized how small the world has become, and the fact that even an ocean away, we are no longer safe from terrorism and murderous hatred , even here in the USA.

    This is a lovely little gem of a butterfly. I will have to watch for this rare beauty now that you have brought it to my attention. The last few days on my trek with my camera the only butterflies I have seen are sulphurs and whites and of course my beloved monarchs. Funny how when one is communing with nature, taking in the gorgeous flora and fauna around us, for a time peace surrounds us and takes us away to a kinder, gentler place where the troubles of the day recede even momentarily! Sanity in an insane world.

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    • Thank you Monarchmama. Thanks for sharing. We know that so many would thrill to enjoy what you do, if only they would get off the treadmill for a millisecond, or rip themselves from one screen or another. In P.S. 244 (Brooklyn, NY) we spent some 0.1% of our time learning about the living world. Am I correct in thinking that on
      average, that number has gone up considerably?


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