Small Pheasant’s Eye Wildflower

Adonis Palaestina wildflower with bee, photographed by Jeff Zablow in Hanita, Israel

The trails in Hanita Forest (the northeastern border of Israel) were festooned with wildflowers. It was good that Israel had a wet winter 2015. Dry winters are followed by scarce blooms. A winter like the one that they enjoyed in 2015 produce blooms like this Small Pheasants’s Eye.

No PhotoShop here, this was the rich lipstick red that pleased the esthete’s eye.

Which of you noticed the tiny bee in this bloom? Beauty and utility out of the same flower. A real player, this Adonis Macrocarpa.

(Final note: None of winged beauty’s images are enhanced. Yes, I took the classes, no I prefer what the eye sees).


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