Butterflies of Israel’s North

Anthocharis Damone Sera Butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow in Northern Golan, Israel
This first meeting with Anthocharis damone syra was electrifying for me. On the Kodesh trail I was at the very northern border of Israel. The trail winds around, at more than one twist putting you a short walk from the Israeli-Lebanon border. You don’t see Lebanon, to your left, because this trail is in a narrow valley. That March the trail was flowered with lush blooms, and butterflies were everywhere.

I was back on this trail this March 2015, anticipating scoring new images, and perhaps images of butterflies I’d never seen before. Twice I hiked the trail, just after winter ended, a wet winter, producing a blanket of wildflowers.

My slides just came back from Kansas. Dadah! Happy Days Are Here Again . . . ! I saw and photographed new Anthocharis damone sera . . . and Anthocharis cardamines phoenissa . . . and Anthocharis gruneri gruneri. A Trifecta for Jeff. I’ve already pitched the mediocre slides into the trash basket. Among the keepers are several fine images. Endangered, rare butterflies.

Jeff . . . suitcase unpacked.

Soon they’ll be at the scanners. When Rewind Memories (here in Pittsburgh!!) scans them, we’ll share. I, I can’t wait.

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  1. Your time spent searching for unusual butterflies in remote areas of the world is well worth your fun adventures. Thanks for sharing this lovely one that I’ve never seen.


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