They’re Back from Kansas

Parnassius mnemosyne butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow at Mt. Hermon, Israel
Rare, and closely related to swallowtails, this Parnassius Mnemosyne butterfly flies on the top of Mt. Hermon, at the northern tip of Israel’s Golan Heights. It’s ancestors dodged countless firefights on the mountain, in 1967. Happily, some survived, and our female here thrilled me when she flew in to nectar, right in front of me. Happy even though it was very hot up there in June, and we had to carry many liters of water to endure this field work.

Posted now because our slides just returned from Kansas, where they were processed. Weeks ago I was in Israel, and made 2 trips to locate butterflies. Both were again to the northern edges of Israel, eye poppingly blanketed with wildflowers. My goal was to shoot rare butterflies, see the northern version of mid-Israel species, and salivate over rare wildflowers, many of them absent for several years, now hopefully in bloom, rocketed up following Israel’s wet and wild winter. Found many of them as well.

So before I travel south to reunite with my 100-year old dad ( in a southern VA Hospice), I must find the time to at least review some of those 1,691 slides. Most will see the circular file. But, an anticipatory but, soon I look forward to sharing some of them with y’all. The butterflies of Israel, and presumably Lebanon and Syria. The wildflowers of those 3 countries. Wow!


8 thoughts on “They’re Back from Kansas

  1. Just wonderful … both the butterflies and the thought of you having a father of a hundred… mine died at 54, so I can’t imagine what those extra years of life together must have been like for you both…


  2. What a sweet little gem! gossamer wings and fairy dust combined . I eagerly anticipate seeing your new photos as you post them. Glad you got to visit with your Dad. A bittersweet occasion but worth it to see him again.


    • Yes. Yes. I’ve completed my first review of the slides taken in israel’s north. Hundreds wound up in the circular file, but . . . there are quite a few that deserve the light of day! Those who urged me to see my dad in VA Hospice shared really good advice. Good advice is so important, No?


  3. beautiful image as usual! one of my last journeys with my father (unfortunately he didn’t reach the age of hundred, congrats to yours!) was to archipelago of finland, that is lying at the entrance to the gulf of bothnia in the baltic sea. he made me to keep an eye on a butterfly, that he called it an apollo. hmm, it was really looking very similiar to yours (i’d say it was a bit more transparent white).


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