Winter Antidotes XI – the eye pleaser

Spring Larkspur Wildflower photographed by Jeff Zablow at Raccoon Creek State Park, PA
Minutes past noon, and what is the temperatures outside my window? One degree Farenheit! No doubt, 1 lonely degree above 0F. Petra, my Black Russian, ran the ball in the yard today, until she stopped, lifted her front right paw, and signaled. Up went the other paw, and in we went.

Yesterday, in a wind blinding whiteout, I crossed Beechwood Boulevard at the traffic light, with the light. A vehicle heading in that direction, was ½ a block away. Remember, I was with the light and it was 175 feet way. It sounded its horn, and went into a frightening skid, crossing to the other side of the avenue, and just stopping before a light pole in front of Colfax school. Whoever was in that SUV must have had a near heart attack!

Get this though. These deeply tinted spring Larkspur blooms will be open for business some 85 days from now. We’ll be on this favorite trail, and we’ll stop. We will admire these blossoms, and I will think, Thank G-d for such delicate beauty, here in this wonderful year, 2015. One degree days, two degrees days, will soon be forgotten.

Our location for this photograph is Raccoon Creek State Park, 43 minutes west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


6 thoughts on “Winter Antidotes XI – the eye pleaser

  1. Lovely post! I’m looking forward to springtime too. I’m enjoying the birds on this cold day, but oh how the butterflies do shape my heart and of course, the pretty blooms they visit.


  2. in the midsummer, when i usually arrive in lapland’s nightless night, this consolida (i’ve heard they are very near relatives of your beautiful larkspur) is just in blossom. my true antidotes over there are the clean air of the taiga/tundra (full of scents of wild rosemary), cloudberries and these great blue spots in front of my cottage.
    (sometimes i’m petrified with horror about the raindeers, while driving an old isuzu trooper. they are jumping very well camouflaged and uncoordinated – escaping from mosquitos – onto the road). one is nowhere really safe, hehe.


    • Ok, Ok. I must now ask. Tell please of the butterflies of your Lapland taiga? Have you photographed them? Admission: I have never seen taiga, though I’ve read of it so often recently . . . .


      • i have seen (only once) the tundra bluewing, peacock butterflies and admirals. i just read one finds many different kinds of nymphalidae, epirrita autumnata, limenitis populi, argynnis paphia. and i’m so sorry to say i have almost no images of them, but my interest is growing…let’s see in the autumn time, when i’ll be back in switzerland.


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