Butterflies and Hezbollah

Dairy Cattle Challenge photographed in  Northern Golan, Israel
We were in northernmost Israel. When we happened upon this small village, we asked where we might find a nature trail that a family member had suggested to us. We were told to drive up the road, find an opening in the fence (formidable) and the enter the trail. Yep, there was the gate in the fence, unlocked. The trail was amazing. It was lined on both sides with March wildflower blooms. Butterflies were flying, and we had it all:  the botany, the butterflies and the blue sky.

Rachel and I made slow progress as the trail descended down to the distant valley.  I say slow because I stopped often to shoot rare Hermon irises in bloom, rare orchids, and so much more. I continued down to the valley, in the mid-ground of this image. Rachel found a nice rocky spot, and waited there, amidst the sylvan wilderness.

There was a moving stream at the valley floor. I didn’t dare cross the stream, because I was getting very, very close to leaving this no-man’s land, and stepping foot into  Lebanon. This day was several years ago, and Hezbollah was there, in the background, but not very active along this border.

When I returned, up the trail to Rachel, these humongeous cows were on the trail. In an earlier post, I noted how we had to walk serpentine-like to move between the cows, because,  the cows were simply not going to move an inch out of the way. Here’s an open admission:  this Brooklyn-boy is no cow expert.

March 2015 marks 3 years since this brown buster watched us as we were tip-toeing past her. We also can look back at this moment and realize how much danger a new visit to this trail would offer. Why? The background is Lebanon, and currently Hezbollah is being heavily bankrolled by Iran to cause mischief along this border. I once resolved that if I was ever in a bank, and a robbery was announced, I would not get down on floor of the bank. Thankfully I have never had to fulfill on this promise, but I think that I’d be a Ransom of Red Chief-type if G-d forbid I was ever snatched by a terrorist clique.

The world has too many terrorists, and they are making it very difficult for those of us who photograph butterflies.


3 thoughts on “Butterflies and Hezbollah

  1. What an idyllic scene. So peaceful and green, and the bovines are the icing on the cake. It is such a shame when war shatters scenes like this. I would imagine that traveling to countries where war is going on would be nerve-wracking to say the least, and would make it difficult to truly relax and immerse oneself in the beauty that surrounds you. Or to go back to visit at a later time and find the area damaged or destroyed by war. . . . . .

    Why can’t people just get along?


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