Stalking Plain Tigers

Plain Tiger butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mishmarot, Israel

Plain Tiger butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mishmarot, Israel

Knee down, careful to not make any unnecessary moves. I have been seeking images of these Plain Tiger butterflies for much of 2 weeks now, in Mishmarot. 30 minutes drive from Netanya, Caesaria and other wonderful places in Israel, this female Danaus chrysippus chrysippus was a stunner, and her fellow Plain Tigers were giving me fits (almost unapproachable).

Good that she was nectaring, because that raises my hopes for an even closer approach. Nectaring, or when exhausted and resting, and early, early in the morning are the only times that they can reward my macro- lens.

Why have we noted 3 names above? This is the subspecies found in northern Africa, the Middle East, and proximal regions in Europe and Asia. Two other similar subspecies are found in Asia, Europe, etc., and they have their own subspecies names.

Think about it. As we approach 2015, there are many animals and plants whose numbers are at risk. At the same time, happily, most species, as with the Plain Tiger butterfly, are not at risk at all, and doing fine across several continents.

Good again. Your interest and support of the Environment is reaping dividends, at home and across the Globe. Encouraging? No?


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  1. Amazing to think that Carl von Linné gave this beauty her name back in 1758 and it is still with us! Smashing shot, Jeff.
    Have a wonderful Sunday,
    Dina x


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