Two Lesser Fiery Coppers (Israel)

Lycaena Thersamon photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mishmarot, Israel

November has arrived here in the U.S. Northeast. Today is one of those beautiful, sunny days that November can offer up. Yet there are also things that ‘grasshoppers’ don’t consider, while the ‘ants’ among us pile-up in our mental things-to-do lists, e.g., check the snow shovel, purchase sidewalk salt (w/o sodium), mulch the flower beds, and on and on.

And then there are those quiet moments, when we realize that we won’t experience the beauty of native butterflies for Gee!, five or more months. Sure we view reports from Florida and Texas, but who do we know down those ways?

This image brought these thoughts up. A pair of Lycaena Thersamons having a look at one another in that agricultural field in Mishmarot, one-hour north of Tel Aviv. Real-time rich reds, with grey, white and black. Sharp, healthy and vibrant. Gems. Living, thriving little gems.


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