Stop, Look & Wonder. . . .

Chrysalis photographed by Jeff Zablow at Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge, Rock Hall, MD

This little treat caught my eye on that trail just steps away from Chesapeake Bay. Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge fulfills its promise, wildlife abounds there.

Now I’ve got a lot to learn about chrysalises, so I stopped. I examined it from every angle. How did the animal that built this know what to do? How did they produce the material to construct it? How is the wholesome lump of protein found within it protected from the  myriad predators that pass by?

What do you think? Moth? What possessed it to make this otherworldly structure out in the open, for all to see?

I tell you, it kept me there for several  minutes, wondering. What a luxury, to be in my majority and standing there, wondering. . . like a kid.