Apharitis Acamas Acamas (Mt. Hermon)

Apharitis Acama photographed by Jeff Zablow on Mt. Hermon, Israel, 6/16/08

The Tawny Silver-Line butterfly is an Israeli butterfly found in higher elevations. This female enjoys the best views of all, residing at the peak of Mt. Hermon at the northernmost tip of Israel. Adults leave the chrysalis and fly from April to early September. They will suffer little human intrusion in 2014, only rarely sharing the mountaintop with IDF soldiers and even rarer tours of the peak by VIP’s escorted by elite troop chaperones. As we noted recently, we may never again be able to retrace our 2008 field trip up there. Syria is afire below. Those who cry for peace for all, pathetically remain silent while real chemical weaponry is used down there . . . with women and children about.

Apharitis a. a. is such a whimsical looking butterfly. It’s head look so other-worldy, its wings appear to be too small, and her abdomen . . . Oops . . .

Ant-tended, and with its larval host plant yet unknown, this is one interesting butterfly. One of the little Hairstreaks, with its pairs of tails just visible.


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    • Healthy reminder(s) that if here, in 2014, we still don’t know what plant(s) their caterpillars depend upon (AKA the ‘hostplant’)…we are not yet able to be too smug with ourselves, with soooo much yet to understand.


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