War and Grazing Cattle . . .

Cattle on Mt. Hermon, Israel photographed by Jeff Zablow, 6/16/08

Eran and I drove from Tel Aviv to Mt. Hermon, at the northernmost tip of Israel. We took the ski lift up to the top of the mountain. We watched as a pair of eagles flew past us, Wow! It was exciting to stand on the peak of Hermon! Israel, Syria and Lebanon stretched out this way and that.

I prepared myself for this trip. I knew that the mountaintop was habitat for many rare butterflies. I was not disappointed. We have, and will soon share images of some of these rare, protected winged beauties.

What I was not prepared for, was this. Huh? Cattle grazing on the mountaintop, 7,000. feet above sea level? Cattle no doubt owned by a Syrian farmer. Yet, no farmer in sight. It was 2008. Frieda A”H had passed in January. Standing on the peak of Hermon was good medicine for me. The kid from Brooklyn, who never knew of the ‘golden spoon,’ was soaking in the beauty, glory and blessings of the incredible top of Hermon.

Yes, we found and photographed the butterflies of Mt. Hermon. You can see  them amongst the butterflies of Israel. Some of  them are unchanged, the same as they were when The Great Ones did their teaching.

But…it’s now 2014. What’s become of the farmer who owned this cattle? Has he fled his Syrian farm, amidst the carnage that must be all around him? Are the offspring of these cows still grazing Hermon, or are they also victims of this madness? Pathetic!


2 thoughts on “War and Grazing Cattle . . .

  1. The plight of animals and all creatures in our manic wars appals me… lost frightened, hungry, needing to be milked, maimed… in the words of the song – when will we ever learn?…


  2. Indeed, war destroys and caused endless suffering for humans, animals, plants and insects like butterflies. Is it therefore that young war victims draw and paint butterflies? Butterflies are symbols of hope and transformation. To imagine to become a cocoon, transform and become beautiful, full of sweet life again? To flutter around happily in search for flowers. That all is in the mind of butterfly-drawing war children.
    And in your mind, worrying about this Mt. Hermon.


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