Closed for Business…Mt. Hermon looking to ….

View from Mt. Hermon, Israel photographed by Jeff Zablow, 6/16/08

Butterflies, moths, beetles, mantids…the list goes on and on. Species of insects, birds and reptiles that are rare, found on Mt. Hermon and no where else. My opportunity in 2012 was curtailed by the full covering of snow on the mountain. I again went there in 2013, and could not climb the mountain…War! on the Syrian side…infiltrators, missiles, RPG’s, mortars that somehow strayed….

Anticipating a family event in July, it’s my hope to reacquaint myself with part of the mountain, the (I hope!) lower half. Re-entry to the peak of Hermon may be more than a life- time away….

Here we take in the view from Mt. Hermon westward, into Lebanon. All I see across this huge expanse of territory are butterflies, butterflies, butterflies. Can I hike anywhere within this panorama. NO! IDF restricted, the risk of encountering terrorists, and Lebanon? Nope. Hezbollah and who knows who else, who will find my trailing Brooklynese, rather interesting. I have always thanked G-d that I was never in a bank at the time of an armed robbery. I do not think that I am going down on the floor just because….

Butterflies? Do you see them too?