Will 2014 Deliver Monarchs?

Monarch Butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at Raccoon Creek State Park

It’s February 3rd, and your blogger has shoveled his home for the 2nd time today. Snow. It is beautiful and evokes such beautiful memories when we see a fresh coat cover all that we can see, everywhere. It also dings our memories in another way. February snow reminds us that changes will soon come. The 8 new pussy willows planted outside our window are now sporting yummy, fat leaf buds. We hope that they will open, and that their lush green leaves will bring Mourning cloak butterflies. Trudge back into the house, take off your boots, and daydream of the time when the snow is Gone, and mourning cloak eggs are (Please!) laid on the undersides of those sweet green leaves.

That leads me to my related daydream. Will 2014 deliver? Will it be one of those years that defies all of the nervous tension that has spread among naturalists of the U.S. and the rest of the world. Will 2014 return goodly number of Monarch butterflies to the northeastern U.S.? Will the fantastic migration of Danaus plexippus butterflies launch millions from Mexico, up through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, up to Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia, Rhode Island?

Will we enjoy that great puzzle, that never gets completely answered, How do the Monarchs do it. No other North American butterfly does it so well.

I see a great initiative amongst home gardeners to plant Ascelpias, the genus that hosts Monarchs. Let us hope that that alone is telepethied by the Monarchs in those Mexican redwoods, and that they fulfill the dreams of millions of their human admirers.


3 thoughts on “Will 2014 Deliver Monarchs?

  1. Thanks for the commentary. For me, it’s nearly too dreadful to think about, that the migrating monarchs might become extinct due to mankind’s actions and inactions–destroying their habitat by cutting down trees for Mexicans’ firewood, and eliminating milkweed, their sole host and nectar plant, via converting our whole agriculture system to GMO Roundup-Ready crops.


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