A Man Can Dream….

Arizona arroyo habitat photographed by Jeff Zablow at White Tank Mountains Regional Park, AZ

Forgive me, but at this very moment it is +/- 14F here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with flurries occurring here and there. The cars moving outside my windows are doing so tentatively, and many of those drivers are driving through the snowy boulevard with much apprehension.

Skipping through our images poised for posting here, I HAD to stop and soak in the warmth, or actually the heat shooting out from this enticing scene, in an arroyo in the White Mountains Regional Park, 25  minutes or so southwest of Sun City West, Arizona. Umm, umm, umm! We are observing this spot at 9:30 in the morning during the first week of March, in 2008. The winter that had just ended was an unusually wet one, and in the 90 degree morning, the wildflowers blanketed the Park.

It was a good morning for observing butterflies, a good morning for drinking in the diversity and beauty of this wonderfully arid region, and it was personally a very good morning for me…very recently widowed.

Very soon, we and much of the rest of the United States will see this frigid blast end, and we will dream of arroyos, and bogs, and trails through sylvan woods, and just as we see here, wildflowers…everywhere.


3 thoughts on “A Man Can Dream….

    • Yes, yes, yes. After snow shoveling our home 3x yesterday & today, woodland gnome, you are absolutely correct. My images are all real-time, never photo shopped. When I got to this one, after so many dreary, flurries in the air days, I was stunned. How brilliant a day can be…and how we can so easily take such days for granted.


      • I needed to see it to recall how lovely the world can be in summer. We have more snow on the way, with our temps dropping 30+ degrees here by midnight. I love your blog, and your loving photos of all the small creatures. Thank you! WG


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