Dainty Flowers on Mt. Meron (Israel)

Capparaceae wildflower butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow at Mt. Meron, Israel

Never seen anything like it. Working the trails on the slopes of Mt. Meron, there they were, here and there along the trail, for some reason almost always on the same side of the trail. Hmm. They looked so fragile, so extraordinary. I can never be blasé about wildflowers, can’t succumb to that seen them all mind-set, because as pictured here, there are alway wildflowers down the road that you have never seen before.

My Israel resource guides/books identify this wonder-flower as one in the Capparaceae family. More I cannot share, and cannot hold my breathe awaiting more info from that region. Pity.

So, I spent quite a few precious minutes over several days, in the mornings and in the late afternoons, waiting to learn which butterflies nectar at these dainty blooms. I did not see a single butterfly visit. Now, the nights are long, and it may be that moths, which abound on Mt. Meron, may be the unseen nectarers. That I will not know firsthand, as I do not work trails at night, especially these trails with huge wild boar, wild dogs and who knows what else afoot . . .

Yes it appears that I may be returning this summer to Mt. Meron and Mt. Hermon’s slopes (Most of that mountain peak is CLOSED). Review of my posts here from those altitudes reminds me that we have posted some VERY Rare butterflies herein. What’s Vegas’ line on whether or not we can stretch that success?


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