Lesser Fiery Copper (Base of Mt. Hermon)

Lesser Fiery Skipper butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow at Neve Ativ, Israel

Closed. Local guides all explained to me that Mt. Hermon’s peak was closed. June 2013, with lots of Fuji slide film fresh and waiting, and I had to change my plans. No chair lift to the peak of Hermon. I have not been on the pinnacles of many mountains in my lifetime, so this one will remain a once explored . . . The thing is that in 2008 I went up there, and there are species of butterflies found up there that are not found anywhere else. I was so excited while I was up there, that I didn’t keep count of the many butterflies we saw, but that I could not approach. How many rare ones fled and could not be photographed? I do not know. But that was 2008, and in 2013, when I again wanted to search Mt. Hermon, and try once again to get Amazing images . . . War! raged below in Syria, War! that did not spare women and children. Savagery.

When will Mt. Hermon’s summit invite us to visit it? Who knows.

My plan was to travel up the base of Mt. Hermon, and find butterflies along the lower ⅓ of the mountain. That worked well. I drove up a road that curved around the south face of Mt. Hermon, up and up it went, and I easily found my goal, the tiny village of Neve Ativ. I parked my rental and hiked around this tiny enclave, to a small meadow, where wildflowers where everywhere.

Lycaena thersamon omphale was a beautiful little treat to greet me when I began my exploration of that field of blooms. This male’s orange wing bands more than rival those in the field guides. He held his perch, enabling me to photograph him. The Israeli rule applied here too, come to close, Whissst! Gone! Found throughout most of Israel, this one mirrored the stark beauty of the Golan Highlands and Mt. Hermon. They fly most of the year in the south of Israel, and probably cannot be found when Neve Ativ suffers its winter season.


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  1. very exquisites pictures.. I am really impressed by your work..i am very happy cuz you mainly focus on which species of butterfly that are very rear in my country.keep up your fantestic work..


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