Lasiommata Megara (Mt. Meron)

Lasiommata Megera butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow at Mt. Meron

Ah, good to be back after celebrating my birthday, Thanksgiving holiday and Chanukah, all on the same 28th of November. Our Satyr butterfly here is enjoying the early morning sun on a trail near the base of Mt. Meron, in northernmost Israel’s Golan.

This was one of many that I saw those several mornings. Most fled as soon as they saw me approach on the trail. This male weighed the option, but no doubt, as all young, muscular males, concluded that he could handle any and all that came his way. So, he remained, the sun’s rays warming and soothing him. His eyespots, dark streaking and panels of tasty golden brown surely identify him as a worthy suitor, for the duller colored, more timid females that we saw.

Years before, we would go one morning here, than the next morning there, as so on. More recently, I’ve decided to schedule several mornings here, and then a couple of mornings there. The results are more satisfying. Then, after numerous successes, you can leave the area, knowing that you have been fortunate to sample many of the butterflies that you came to see…and photograph.

I’m now ⅔ through my read of Wild America (Fisher & Peterson, 1955). Thank you Robert Michael Pyle, for acquainting me with this book. What a read! 100 days of searching for wildlife in  Canada, the U.S. and Mexico in 1953! Oh, have Pyle, Fisher & Peterson wet my appetite for busting out in 2014!!! What do I lack…? Friends to guide me to Diana’s, Regals, blues, the Keys and Texas without the crowds…. I’m a grown dreamer, I am….


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  2. Thanks Jim. Isn’t it amazing that we are introduced to a seemingly endless array of wings. When the individual is fresh, we become thoughtful…How can all this Be? ….?


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