Jeff & Petra

Jeff Zablow and his dog, Petra photographed by Jenny Jean Photography

How many? I think the number of posts that we’ve made here has passed 275. Some days we entertain scores and scores of visits to Other days are somewhat quieter.

With the approach of a Trifecta? A what? With the approach of our Thanksgiving holiday, my Birthday, and Chanukah, all falling on November 28th this year…we are sharing a slightly different view. Here I am, this time the subject of the image, with Petra, our Black Russian 3-year old. She is a joy, a sinewy bundle of enthusiasm. Other pups have settled down by age 3, not Petra. She loves life and savors runs, and confronts life with verve!

Thanksgiving is a Big Deal here in the U.S. and each year things slow down more and more in the week before this day when we reflect on the beautiful Land that we have been blessed to live in. Portland or Des Moines or Mission (TX) or St.Louis or Miami or Savannah or Cleveland or Lumberton (Mississippi) where Petra was born, all stop and feast.

So, this break of several days we will take, and then . . . back to Butterflies!



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    • Lonnie, Thanks! A great email to find after I just came in from shoveling the first snow of this winter. Yep, Hope that you and your family enjoy a restive and bountiful Thaksgiving! Jeff Zablow Pittsburgh


    • Luise! So there you are. Thank you so much. I didn’t have a dog for many years, then realized I could. End result, Petra, a Black Russian, from a litter of 9, born in eastern Mississippi. Yep, that red works, huh?

      On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 5:47 PM, Winged Beauty


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