Hermon Iris Revisited (Protected)

Hermon Iris photographed by Jeffrey Zablow at Northernmost Golan,  Israel

Don’t we all have memories that warm us up when they flash into our consciousness? This image of a Mt. Hermon Iris just did that for me. It brought back memories of a certain moment on a streetcorner in Manhattan (New York, NY), one morning on  campus in college, a stand of native Columbine I once had, and sooo much more. Oh, and then there were the magical minutes when as a college-poor messenger, I was given a package to deliver to a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall and instead of taking it from me, the Rockettes’ staff said, “Yeah, take it in there to her” and into the Rockettes’ dressing room I went. ‘Nuf said. Right?

This was such an experience. On a trail in northernmost Golan, Israel, near the security fence insuring that Israel and Lebanon stay safely apart, we turned a corner of the trail, and there they were: Iris hermona. Knockouts! Knockouts they were. We stopped. I admired and I shot them from here and there, there and here. Film, hand-held. Here’s the product. I cannot explain why, but this still gives me a rush.

Don’t bother searching the corners of the image for butterflies. It was butterflies that I came thousands of miles to find and shoot. This gem was unexpected, just as they said, “Yeah, take it.” to the 19-year old me just off the corner of Avenue of the Americas and 51st (?) street.


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