Lesser Fiery Skipper Butterfly (Mt. Meron)

Lycaena thersamon butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow at Mt. Hermon, Israel

Serendipity on Mt. Meron in northern Israel. June 10th was a beautiful day. I worked the trails at SPNI Meron, happily encountering one fresh butterfly after another. Not bothered by crowds or even another person, it was special.

This male sought to support the fun that I was having. He posed on his low perch, sharing his warm, deep oranges, gray, black, and white motif. He was so vivid that I’ve had to spend a little additional time perusing the Israeli field guides, because their printed images do not go to the colorful extremes that this fellow flashes, tails and all.

A grown man and his butterflies . . . Yummy!


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    • Jim, Thanks. We both know how much time, effort, sweat and ‘please let this be a good one’ go into producing these images. Your comraderie is much appreciated. Jeff

      On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 7:27 PM, Winged Beauty


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