Southwestern Arizona Wildflowers

Arizona arroyo habitat photographed by Jeff Zablow at White Tank Mountains Regional Park, AZ

That March in White Tank Mountains Regional Park, in southwestern Arizona. The March after abundant winter rain blanketed the region in luxurious coatings of  beautiful wildflowers.

Butterflies didn’t meet me at these yellow blooms (don’t have a western U.S. wildflower field guide – Do you recognize them?), but I could NOT pass without collecting images of them. I’m just too weak ….

We also post here by way of  forewarning that in the next days we will begin posting from a new group of 88 images, not seen on wingedbeauty before. We hope you will enjoy them. Some are from the peak of Israel’s Mt. Hermon. We could not have known that War would have prevented us from revisiting there several months ago, June 2013. Man’s follies.

By the way, I am well into a recommended book, Winged Obsession by Jessica Speart. A non-fiction account of the hunt not for butterflies, but instead the effort to capture the world’s most destructive butterfly poacher! A very good read.


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