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Milbert's Tortoiseshell Butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at Raccoon Creek State Park

We have posted more than 240 Images of butterflies, wildflowers and habitat over these last 23 months. This photo of a nectaring Milbert’s Tortoiseshell Butterfly has distinguished itself by having been the most:

  • Viewed image?
  • Commented upon image?
  • Visited image in the Republic of China? Trinidad & Tobago? The Netherlands? in Canada? in the United States? Australia?

No. None of these is correct. This image has been the Most Shared of those more than 240 images.

It is a butterfly of great beauty. It is unpredictable and has frustrated many who seek to capture drop dead gorgeous images of it. You cannot wait for it at a chosen spot, because it may appear there tomorrow or not for the next 10 years. Certainly the teasel flowerhead has not been the pied piper here.

Please help us understand why it has been shared more times than any of the other images that are posted on wingedbeauty.com?


4 thoughts on “#1 Post in its category!

  1. I am a photographer, not a biologist, but I agree with Luise. The lighting and the soft colors in the background and the foreground, to some degree, make for desirable and pleasing enhancements of the butterfly image.


  2. As an artist and a biologist, it’s the way the teasel prongs bring the eye to the little bit of bright wing that shows – a tease for the eye, a wanting to see more.
    The softness of the pink against the sharpness of the black and the intensity of the orange/yellow.
    (Oops: ‘tease’ was an inadvertent pun.)


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