Coltsfoot Wildflowers

Coltsfoot Wildflowers photographed by Jeff Zablow at Raccoon Creek State Park

This post is one of our first initiatives in the  Savings Plan. How so? We are saving you the time and effort that we have spent over the years, waiting for the arrival of butterflies on the rich yellow flower heads of Tussilago farfara. Farfara perhaps because butterflies stay far, far away from these complex blooms. I didn’t know that until recently.

I look when I pass by a burning yellow coltsfoot bloom on the trail, but I don’t stop. They are exquisite, but it’s the bees, not the butterflies that like them. Bumblebees and other bees regularly visit, but not butterflies.

We welcome your shares of different experiences than mine. It is a very large, diverse world that we all enjoy.

While here, note that each ‘flower’ is not that. They are flowerheads, with disk flowers covering it, and the flower originated in Europe.


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