Mt. Hermon 2013

Cow Grazing on Mt. Hermon photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mt. Hermon, Israel

The first week of June 2013 was sunny, pleasant, and with little or no wind. The SPNI Hermon field house was adequate and very well located. So all was set for the follow-up to our recent post here, anticipating our second visit to the mountaintop. This mountaintop looks out upon Israel, Syria and Lebanon.

That was as far as we got. My anticipation became frustration. Prospective guides thanked me but explained  that Mt. Hermon‘s peak was closed, because of the ‘situation’ below in  Syria. The possibility that a limited area of the mountaintop would possibly, maybe, be available was not an option. My attempt to reprise a 2008’s visit to the Mount, with me following butterflies here and there, promptly changed when Eran, my guide, found a land mine.

So I  chose instead to wander the base of Mount Hermon, and a settlement, Neve Ativ, built along the slope of the mountain. There, a small military plane kept flying back and forth along a nearby valley.

I will add to my list of things to do: Have another look at those 2008 photos that I’ve left in my slide storage cabinet. My ’08 Mt. Hermon photographs that seemed so-so at the time are now are much more meaningful.


2 thoughts on “Mt. Hermon 2013

  1. this sounded so familiar to me….
    a quiet covers this photo as if holding its breath
    to see what happens next….
    so much history….so much lost
    Take Care…


    • The only word that comes to mind…after considering your Comment: Poignant. Let’s hang this thought from the necks of 100,000 white doves and release them….
      Ah….to dream….


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