Arroyo Wildflowers

Arizona arroyo habitat photographed by Jeff Zablow at White Tank Mountains Regional Park, AZ

Rain fell during the winter months in southcentral Arizona. Media reports forecasting potentially spectacular wildflower phenomena in March and April triggered good memories of stalking butterflies in the cs of White Mountains Regional Park.  The park is just 30 minutes from my family in Sun City West, Arizona, so  I pushed the “Go” button and booked my flight.

What beauty awaited me!. Wildflowers were everywhere, carpeting the hills, mountains and arroyos. Colors were rich, blanketing everything in every direction. This image represents the vivid contrasts presented in those arroyos – the stark, rich hues against rock with dramatic, eye-popping personality.

The butterflies were out and about. Yes, they were flying and drinking nectar with glee! But this time they had to share my attention with the wildflowers and infinite 360 degree panorama.

In southern Arizona, be mindful of the heat.  Get there at 6:30 AM and leave NLT 10:00 AM.


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3 thoughts on “Arroyo Wildflowers

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  2. Stunning!
    I remember I wanted 3 each of all Arizona’s wildflowers
    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful photo…
    Take Care…


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