At the Peak of Mt. Hermon

Cow Grazing on Mt. Hermon photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mt. Hermon, Israel

Our second post of the view from the very peak of Mt. Hermon. Exhilirating for me! Routine for the cow?

Our upcoming trip back to the top of the mountain remains a Go! Guarantees? We know that there aren’t any. As of the date of this post, this remains one of the world’s situational hot spots.

I went with a guide in June 2008, and I will never forget that field work. Mt. Hermon has been known to offer as many as 40 species of butterflies that are not found anywhere else in Israel. Are they found in Syria? Well, look again at this beautiful image. That’s Syria down there. The geography you see is currently a battleground and an inhospitable graveyard, with men and families fleeing for their lives. So, we’ll not know anytime soon what butterflies are flying down there. I certainly won’t ever enjoy that outing.

Mt. Hermon also faces Lebanon. There too that side of the mountain shall forever, for us, keep its butterflies a mystery.

I go there very appreciative of the opportunity, praying that it remains one. I also remember, and posted before, that the butterflies on Mt. Hermon are virtually unapproachable. How will that be after they hear the daily Booms! and KaBooms! of man’s craziness below?

Do remember to keep in touch and revisit. Who knows what magical views we’ll share.


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  1. Thanks for this picture, Jeff. We Christians also read and appreciate the Old Testament and Israel’s history. Sad that the neighboring countries seem determined to destroy Israel. We pray for peace.


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