Azanus Jesous Butterfly

Azanus Jesous Butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow in Binyamina, Israel

This ventral (underside) view of this small and very pretty butterfly complements our dorsal image post. She’s fully occupied, drinking nectar from Camphor weed. Her hindwing eyespots feature striking little silver-blue scales. A very nice touch on an already beautiful butterfly.

This image and other Binyamina, Israeli butterflies are satisfying for us to photograph. We walked the agricultural field roads, camera in hand, expecting minimal success. We were rewarded by finding young and active butterfly populations, despite the November dates.

What are these butterflies common names? We continue to wait for feedback from Israeli friends and family.

Azanus Jesous and Azanus Ubaldus are among the most viewed of all of the 187 posts on The most obvious reason for that remains something of a mystery.


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