Cyclamen Wildflowers, a Protected Species, at Israel’s Ramat Handaiv

Cyclamen Wildflowers photographed by Jeffrey Zablow in  Ramat Hanadiv, Israel

November in Ramat Handaiv, Israel and I am once again working trails at the reserve, searching for butterflies. Once again I am startled to come upon wildflowers that I’ve never seen before.

Yes, Cyclamens are known to me as flowering plants that are offered in flower shops and garden centers. It seems to me that they have been purchasable in the last 10 years? But these were not Johnny’s Garden Center offerings, these were wildflowers. The first I’ve ever seen in habitat.

So of course I stopped and marvelled and debated: Should I or shouldn’t I work to get a good image of these sweet treats? As almost all of you know, I reliably lose that cranial debate when the wildflowers are eye candy. These were so.

So esthetes all, Cyclamens. There was another population of Cyclamens that morning at Ramat Hanadiv.  They were pink ones, and neither attracted butterflies.

Footnote: None of the numerous Cyclamen plants that I saw showed any damage. None were eaten or tasted by herbivores. Does anyone have an explanation?



2 thoughts on “Cyclamen Wildflowers, a Protected Species, at Israel’s Ramat Handaiv

  1. I’ve read cyclamen go dormant in summer so perhaps the herbivores are less active in cold weather. Slugs are supposed to relish them.


    • Thanks Carole. Though it was March there in northernmost Golan, winter had just ended and the temperature was in the upper 70’s! It’s the Middle East.
      Perhaps the flora was so lush there (it was) that Cyclamens were low on the list of yummies. Or………


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