Sun’s-Eye Tulip (Protected)

Sun's-Eye Tip Tulip Wildflower (Protected Species) photographed by Jeffrey Zablow in Ramat Hanadiv, Israel

Should we expect the Wall Street Journal to publish Letters to the Editor, demanding that stop posting wildflowers and post butterflies only? No, but some may be wondering why the increased posting of wildflowers here?

We’ve addressed that in recent posts of Hermon Iris (Protected) and Common Gladiolus (Protected). There are challenges that greet us when we search for butterflies. Primary amongst them is when our hikes bring us to indescribably beautiful wildflowers. A much earlier post of Pink Lady’s Slipper in Bear Run, Pennsylvania is a fine example.

Here, Tulipa agenensis was a serendipitous discovery on the trails of Ramat Hanadiv in Israel. The red petals of this protected species were exquisite! As with the other Israeli protected wildflowers, there were a limited number of plants, each bearing a single flower.

Blue skies, moderate temperatures, no wind to speak of. The beauty of these March blooming wildflowers was enough to stop us in our tracks, and we did, sacrificing precious minutes of morning light to amaze at the wonder of it all!


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