A Protected Flower Species from Golan, Israel: the Common Gladiolus

Common Gladiolus Wildflower (Protected Species) photographed by Jeffrey Zablow in Northern Golan, Israel

Photographing butterflies in the wild rewards us in so many unanticipated ways. The very same trail that led us to the Hermon Iris hit us again with this lovely, Gladiolus italicus. Both rare species of wildflowers grow where few ever venture, bloom just after Israel’s winter season has ended, and they exist very, very close to the border between Israel and Lebanon. The media report this northernmost Golan region as tense. The Hermon iris and this Common gladiolus evidence little interest or concern in the follies of mankind.

How vividly rich was the pink color of this wildflower. How were they bred to achieve the garden gladiolus that we grow in our gardens and put into our flower arrangements? How many funeral flower arrangements have their progeny beautified?

Not always alone on this trail, a future post on wingedbeauty will be of the behemoth cows that briefly blocked our return walk on the trail. Amazing. These 1500 lb. or so cows left the iris and gladioli alone. Because they were protected or because their mothers somehow taught them to avoid eating these beautiful wildflowers. We saw no insects visiting the gladiolus, but in fairness we paused there for only a short time.

Photographing winged beauties ends up not always being what you expected!


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