Summer’s Red Admiral Butterfly Resting in Maryland

Red Admiral Butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow in Eastern Neck National Wildlife refuge, MD

Happily, we never became jaded when a fresh, undamaged butterfly comes our way. Here, we enjoy Vanessa atalanta resting briefly in the Butterfly garden in Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge, just 2 hours from family in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Red Admirals are among those whose appearance cannot be predicted. It just happens. Their visit may last seconds or even a minute or two and then Bye! Bye! They fly away at top speed.

It’s August on the Delmarva, and this one shows the interrupted orange-red band characteristic of summer Red admirals.

We read about their mass migrations, but we haven’t been fortunate enough to have seen them fly enmasse. Have you?

Ahhh! A fresh red admiral! How many times a year do I enjoy exclaiming that?


2 thoughts on “Summer’s Red Admiral Butterfly Resting in Maryland

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  2. Thanks for sharing this photo, Jeff. I made a few pictures of this butterfly early last spring at my daughter’s home in the mountains of north Georgia. I had not seen one before and did not know what it was. Unfortunately it flew around and landed on the gravel driveway several times and never seemed to allow me to get close enough to get a good, clear picture. At least now I know it’s name. Jim


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