Small White Butterfly on a Trail in Israel’s Northernmost Golan Region

Small White Butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow in Northern Golan, Israel

On a trail in northernmost Golan, Artogeia rapae is nectaring on a wildflower not yet known to me. It must be a heavy producer of grade A+ nectar, keeping her so focused and enabling the image to be photographed.

Small whites are found throughout most of Israel. As with all of the butterflies found in this verdant, fertile region, she is richly colored and robust. A moderate hike would bring us to the border between Israel and Lebanon. A fact that is of no interest to the A. rapae butterfly.

Our 2nd post of this butterfly. We must never take the white butterflies for granted.

Why didn’t Jeff get closer to her? The butterflies of Israel, and more especially in Israel’s north, do not tolerate human approach. Why? Hmmmm.