Northern Pearly-Eye Butterfly on a Moist, Overcast Morning in a Wooded Habitat

Northern Pearly-Eye Butterfly

It rained the last night and the morning sun just rose a short while ago. Perfect conditions for our Northern Pearly-Eye Butterfly, basking in those warm rays of the sun. They prefer it when it is moist and that’s why you usually find them close to moving water. We discussed in an earlier post that this is one of the few species that is active on moist, overcast days.

Enodia anthedon prefers wooded habitat, so we see that this is one that will be an infrequent addition to your image inventory. It takes lots of get-up-and-go to go out with a camera on a moist, overcast morning and then spend appreciable time in wooded habitat that are filled with lots of biting critters and the rarely seen Northern Pearly-Eye. This is a butterfly which flees like a lightning bolt when it sees, hears or smells you.

So, this image is appreciated.

Our earlier post of this species likens it to Secret Service operatives. We have once again reminded you why this is so true. It never seems to nectar at wildflowers. What does it subsist on? Flowing sap, scat and the minerals taken up from mud.