Pookie Cute Tiny Grass Skipper Butterfly

Zabulon Skipper Butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at Raccoon Creek State Park. Jeff blogs about the art and science of butterflies at http://www.wingedbeauty.com

Poanes zabulon is no stranger to those of us who seek out butterflies. They are flying for much of the late Spring and through the summer. Zabulon skippers are one of many species of Skipper butterflies known as Grass skippers. They are quite small and many of them are difficult to identify.

Our female Zabulon here is easier to recognize. She is ‘fresh’ with distinct colors, mahogany-brown, yellow and that almost flashy purply-white outer wing markings. When I began learning about and seeking butterflies, I had an instantaneous connection with Zabulon skippers.

Legions of preteens and teens will surely recognize this one as a certifiable “pookie.”


2 thoughts on “Pookie Cute Tiny Grass Skipper Butterfly

  1. I recently photographed a butterfly that might be a Zabulon Skipper, with similar markings, but it’s a lot lighter and orangish. Skippers can be pretty tought to ID!


    • Scott,
      The female Zabulon (‘fresh’) is one of the less challenging ones. I’ve gotten some good images but it’s true, many are difficult to conclusively identify. The most authoritative lepid’s confide this.
      Keep at it, it’s a rewarding challenge.


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