Seeing Sure-Footed Behemoth Cows on top of Israel’s Mount Hermon

Cow Grazing on Mt. Hermon photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mt. Hermon, Israel

Scouring the top of Israel’s Mt. Hermon for its treasure trove of unique butterflies, Eran and I watched as these cows grazed along nearby. We were at Mt. Hermon’s crest! 7,336 feet above sea level.

The owners of this cattle allow them to forage where they will, and they have climbed this rocky peak, calmly and patiently to explore its flora. Oblivious of the occasional land mines still found here and there (remember that we happened onto, oops!, nearby, one) and to the sheer drop, these sure-footed behemoths looked up at us, paused a micro-second, and continued to browse.

The landscape we are sharing here is breathtaking! I could not resist and so we share this view with you. Syria or the Golan Valley? Hmmm?