Territorial Israeli Painted Lady Butterflies Circle their Turf

Painted Lady Butterfly at Ramat Hanadiv, Israel, International

Chappaqua, NY? Richmond, Virginia? Asheville, North Carolina? Knoxville, Tennessee? Cleveland, Ohio? Nope. In this picture, we’re in the Ramat Hanadiv Arboretum in Israel!

Painted Lady butterflies are among the most universal of all butterfly species. They differ little in appearance, behavior, flower preference, and difficulty in approaching. Vanessa cardui fly to a wide variety of flowers. Their flight is quick, often flying in circular loops, and is excellent at eluding predators.

These Israeli Ladies are quite territorial, flying away when approached, but returning within moments to their previous location. Photographing Vanessa is best accomplished when the butterfly has alighted on a leaf to rest, or as in this image, when it is nectaring.

An endearing butterfly, whose wiles cause you to work to get new images of it, even when your better judgment tells you that you have quite a few already.