A Charming Little Yellow Butterfly in Southeastern Mississippi

Mimosa Yellow Butterfly at Johnson State Park, MS

It’s August in southeastern Mississippi. Paul B. Johnson State Park near Lumberton was very forthcoming with beautiful butterflies that I’d never seen before. We had driven down from Pittsburgh to meet our new Black Russian pup, Petra, and we budgeted some time for me to photograph.

The Eurema lisa butterfly is a little charmer, flittering along inches above the ground. This one stopped briefly, and cooperated as we set-up to photograph her.

On this trip I happened on my first Goatweed Leafwing. I was so startled to see it resting on a tree trunk so, so close to me–that I briefly forgot to go through my motions. It flew off! Oh well.

One of my field guides reports that Little Yellows are found regularly in a corner of my native Brooklyn. Hmmmm. I’ve never seen one there.