At the Edge of a Pennsylvanian Treeline, a Fritillary Butterfly Swoops Up

Meadow Fritillary Butterfly at Raccoon Creek State Park

Great spangled fritillary butterflies swoop up as you hike along the path at the edge of the treeline. You spot an occasional Aphrodite fritillary . . . and then all of a sudden a much smaller fritillary flies up from the trail, only to descent some 15 feet ahead? it’s got to be, yes it is! A meadow fritillary. Boloria bellona !

Our experience is that despite it’s name, Meadow fritillaries are more often found amongst very low vegetation that border meadows.

They nectar energetically and do so with wings spread and wings motionless. So they are very kind to those who wish to photograph them, doing everything but smiling.

Butterfly species all differ . . . and this one is just a sweetie.

But just like all celebrities, not easily summonable.