Always Charmed by these Diminutive Pookie Eastern Tailed Blue Butterflies

Eastern tailed blue butterfly photographed at Phipps Conservatory Outdoor Gardens, Pittsburgh, PA 

August 29th and our Eastern Tailed-Blue (ETB) butterfly has been popping from tall verbena flowerhead to the next, silently enjoying the bounty and security of the Outdoor Gardens at Pittsburgh’s Phipps Conservatory.

With a lull and brief absence of other butterflies, I shoot away, remembering that I am always charmed by these diminutive pookies. It helps that they are usually intact and fresh, providing good images.

We, I have concluded, are less happy seeing images of butterflies with damaged wings. So ETB’s are usually great subjects, intact and smartly attired.

We’ve posted other images of Everes comyntas and invite you to have a look at them.

As to why ETB wings are nipped less frequently than other butterflies . . . I invite you to share what you know of this?

Flying from April to October here in Pennsylvania, they are easily overlooked, flying away from your approach just inches above the trail you’re traveling. But they’re worth stopping, approaching and studying.

Very, very soon the mature caterpillars will move from the hiding places they’ve been in these winter months and pupate. Quietly and unnoticed. Hmm.


One thought on “Always Charmed by these Diminutive Pookie Eastern Tailed Blue Butterflies

  1. What a delight to discover you! It’s all coming back to me now…

    Your photography is incredible: so sharp and so well designed. Wow!

    I’m signing on to your website.

    luise davis


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