Another Butterfly that Enjoys Eating Fruit and Scat on the Ground

Red-spotted purple butterfly photographed at Raccoon Creek State Park, PA

A habitué of trails and paths in our parks, you’ll see them often in the summer months. As you hike that trail, your approach will send this fast flier up from the trail just ahead of you. It will fly some 30 feet further up the trail and once again land on your trail. When you continue forward, it will scoot into the vegetation lining the trail, only to return to where it started from 3 or 4 minutes later. Very acutely aware, it’s a challenge to photograph macro- (camera lens 15 inches from the butterfly).

This one was very handsome and our 2nd post of a Red-Spotted Purple. Red spots ablaze and the unique blueish glaze. Compare the 2 posts and be reminded that each butterfly is unique.

Rarely visiting flowers, here’s another butterfly that enjoys fruit on the ground and scat.

So . . . if its a Red-Spotted Purple, where’s the purple?