Why do Question Mark Butterflies Prefer Weasel, Bobcat, Dog and Coyote scat?

Question mark butterfly photographed at Raccoon Creek State Park, PA

A stunning field of browns, creams and hint of purple: the Question Mark Butterfly.

Some say, what’s the point of reading any further? It’s the diversity. The diversity. Did most of you know it existed? That’s what is so refreshing about life and about getting out there and having a look at undeveloped terrain.

There’s so much out there. Polygonia interrogations is a neat butterfly. Solitary, never seen with species mates. Mysterious, appearing, pausing–gone! Regal, always seen in one pose or another, as if he or she(?) knows that paparazzi are poised nearby. And get this, most of them migrate up to Pennsylvania in the Spring. Hostplants are elms and hackberries.

I can’t recall a time when I saw a Question Mark butterfly nectaring on a flower? You will find them at sap drips and on scat? Why do they prefer weasel, bobcat, dog and coyote scat?  Hint: the scat of meat eating carnivores.

They got their common name because of the question mark-like marking found on them? Where is it?