Getting a Dorsal View of a Monarch Butterfly in Pennsylvania

Monarch butterfly photographed at Raccoon Creek State Park, PA

Our 2nd post of a Monarch butterfly. She is nectaring on butterflyweed and she is spectacular. Just as with the other posted Monarch images, this one sports perfect, undamaged wings! And what wings!

Which fine jewelry house produces works to surpass this? This identifies one of the reasons that I so enjoy my work. I am fortunate to see such beauty and when my macro images are closely examined, additional finery is revealed.

If we accept that she has been an adult for 3 full days, how have her wings remained 100% intact despite so many needy predators about? Why don’t we see gaps in her wings, where they’ve been nipped as she fled?

Danaus plexippus. We’ve all seen them before, but when one flies into our lives, we always react with wonderment. Is that not so?