Toronto’s Acadian Hairstreak Butterfly


A trip to Toronto and I encountered this beautiful Acadian hairstreak butterfly in a Toronto city park. This trip to visit a friend showed me that Canada is rich in eye-popping wildlife.

Satyrium acidica is found in northeastern U.S.A. and in Canada. The butterflies in that park were fresh and included Mourning Cloaks, Painted Ladies and Hairstreaks.

This Acadian, as Striped hairstreaks and Gray hairstreaks will, remained stationary and approachable for 3 minutes or more. Their tiny size and my macro photography requirement made its cooperation much appreciated.

They are rarely seen south of Erie, PA. I have never seen another Acadian hairstreak. Meeting-up with this one, probably a male (he’s perched there hoping a female comes along), was nice, especially nice.