Savannah National Wildlife Refuge’s Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

Lots of gulf fritillaries were flying this particular morning at Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, with its blue skies and very comfortable temperature. Nearly all of them presented themselves as they would rest on a suitable flat leaf with their swings spread apart. I had enough photos of gulf frits with upper wing surface fully extended. This one came along and began to nectar on flowers at just the right elevation … not too close to the ground and also not to high off of the ground.

Thankfully, it was so intent on getting nectar that it tolerated my calculated approached. I was now no more than 15” from it. I wanted to obtain a nice photo of the underside of its wings.

It was the white wing patches and spots that I targeted, and I also wanted to get those beautiful eyes. I am very comfortable with the result.

The beauty of this Agraulis vanilla and the seriousness of its focus speak out. Just 15 minutes from one of America’s most beautiful cities…Savannah. Wow!